Unicornlens Scary Demon Pink Eyes Contact Lens-14.50

Unicornlens Scary Demon Pink Eyes Contact Lens Why do you need a pair of Scary Demon Contacts? Designer Inspiration — Scary Demon Eyes The Scary Demon Eyes is an amulet commonly used in Turkey and neighboring regions to protect against the power of jealousy, which is the original meaning of the evil eye. Turkey is one of the many countries and regions in the world where there is a widespread folk belief that “the evil eye, born of jealousy, produces curses that bring bad luck, disease and death”. Many people blame the curse of the evil eye for many unimaginable calamities and believe that the way to combat it is to hang the “evil eye” to fight evil with poison. Unicornlens contacts product principles. We simply put more attention into fashionable fancy designs based on quality, safety and cheapness than other brands. 1. FDA and CE certified quality Safety comes first. All of our contacts are FDA approved and CE marked, and meet international medical quality standards. 2. Sandwich Wrap Technology The current globally recognized safe technology model embeds the pigment layer between the two layers of lenses to prevent direct contact of the pigment with the cornea, with perfect sealing technology to ensure maximum safety of wear. 3. Application of top quality non-ionic materials We use extremely pure non-ionic materials for the production of colored contact lenses, which increase the water content of the lenses, make them soft and comfortable, and prevent protein deposits to the greatest extent possible. 4. High oxygen permeability and high water content Our products allow a large amount of oxygen to pass through and have a water content of up to 38%. These lenses help to maintain a high level of moisture in your eyes, so they are very comfortable to wear on a daily basis, without drying and without foreign body sensation. 5. Effectively block UV radiation damage All of our products can effectively block UV rays from the sun’s rays that can damage the eyes. 6. High durability of use The durability of our products can reach 12 months, which is more cost effective compared to other daily disposable products. https://unicornlens.com/product/unicornlens-scary-demon-pink-eyes-contact-lens/?feed_id=363&_unique_id=61eaceb161914




#1 in New Style Colored Contact Lenses. https://unicornlens.com

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Colored Contact Lenses

Colored Contact Lenses

#1 in New Style Colored Contact Lenses. https://unicornlens.com

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